WAV Splitter

WAV Splitter

An efficient and extremely easy-to-use WAV splitter and trimmer
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DigitByte WAV Splitter is exactly that – an extremely easy-to-use tool that selects a WAV file and splits it into as many smaller uncompressed audio files as you need. This application offers three different and simple cutting choices – either by time, by size or by allowing you to introduce a start time and an end time.

WAV Splitter is equally effective when performing any of those options. The first choice, which allows you to select the start and the end points where you want the file to be split, is actually a trimming tool that leaves out fractions of the file at the beginning and/or at the end. If you use this option and decide to trim the file both at the beginning and the end, the result will not be a set of three files, but just one file with the fragment that falls between the two time marks.

Where WAV Splitter is purely a tool to slice audio files in smaller portions, is when you select the “by time” or “by size” options. If you want a set of files with exactly the same size, select the “by size” option and the number of files you need, and WAV Splitter will create a set of files with exactly the same number of bytes each. If you want files with the exact same duration, select the “by time” option, the number of seconds, and WAV Splitter will create as many files as it possibly can with the given length of time and a final file with the remaining seconds.

Its simplicity is only matched by its sobriety. It consists of just one single interface with just the buttons we need to perform its basic task in any of the three above-mentioned flavours. Those more familiarized with audio tools will probably miss the always useful wav-form representation of the audio file, which would actually make the selection of starting and ending points a less stressing task.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Simple and straightforward interface and control panel


  • Lack of visual representation of the audio file
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